المسلسل الكورى ( papa)بطل اغانى الشتاء (Bae Yong Jun) اونلاين

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المسلسل الكورى ( papa) بطل اغانى الشتاء اونلاين


Cast :

Bae Yong Jun as Choi Hyeon-joon
Lee Young Ae as Han Se-yeong
Jung Chan as Han In-pyo
Choi Yoon Young as Lee Hee-ju
Park Chung Hyun as Yong Gong
Lee Hye Young as Hae-won
Lee Jennie as Lee Sukji
Cha Tae Hyun as Jang Jeong-mun
Lee Jung Yoon as Choi Heun-heun (Se-yung and Hyun-jun's daughter)
Choi Kang Won as Yong Jae-hung (Yong Gong's son)
Yoon Son Ha as Miss Bae
Choi Jong Won as Shin Shin-ho
Kim Min Hee as Jang Jee-yeong
Im Chan Ho as Mr. Lee (Hee-ju and Sukji's father)

Cast :

Lee Young-ae
Lee Young-ae
as Han Se-yeong
Bae Yong-joon
Bae Yong-joon
as Choi Hyeon-joon
Jeong Chan
Jeong Chan
as Han In-pyo
Choi Yoon-yeong
Choi Yoon-yeong
as Lee Hee-ju
Cha Tae-hyeon
Cha Tae-hyeon
as Jang Jeong-mun
Jin Jae-yeong
Jin Jae-yeong
as --
Park Sol-mi
Park Sol-mi
Cameo (Ep. 15)
Lee Je-ni
Lee Je-ni
as --


  • Director: Jun Ki Sang

  • Screenplay: Oh Soo-yeon

  • Genre: Drama

  • Episode: 18

  • Broadcast period: January 3, 1996 – February 29, 1996

  • Broadcast Network: KBS





Couple #1
"Truthful love" that matures through the sadness of break-up Hyun-jun and Sae-young, she got married after a hot romance as a campus couple, collide because of trivial everyday problems. Ultimately, Sae-young misconceives her husband's relationship and it whirlwinds into a divorce.

Couple #2
"Comical love" that is as comfortable and natural as a friendship. Dr. Yang, Sae-young's elementary school classmate, is an oriental medicine doctor. He is a widowed single father. Ond day, he goes into a neighborhood drugstore and meets Hye-won. He is attracted to her, but at this time, a dispute arises and makes their relationship awkward.

Couple #3
"Naive and lively love" in which we can get a glimpse of the typical new-generation love style. In-pyo, is a natural born playboy. He puts his excessive lifestyle in order and strives to become a famous actor, after becoming attracted to his nephew Sae-byul's kindergarten teacher.

Source: MBC Global Media


Episode Guides:

Episodes 1-8

Hyun-jun, a university professor and a best-selling novelist, who is the father of a six-year-old daughter, lived with his two roommates who are his friend and ex-brother-in-law, Han In-pyo. Han In-pyo is a loafer who frequently hangs out with his girlfriends and squanders away his time at home on music, movies, and calling girlfriends. He came to live in Choi's house immediately after his water supply was cut off while washing his face. In-pyo's water supply and electricity were cut off for he had owed the electrical supply board a large sum of unpaid fees.

A conflict happened when In-pyo met Yong Gong, who also appeared after renting a room from Choi. He tried to punch Gong, as he (mistakenly) was angry at Gong for flirting with Se-yung at the bar, and letting her off altogether by boarding a taxi by herself. Se-yung was surprised to find Gong in Choi's house as well as a son. Yong-min heaved a sigh.

His friend, Yong Gong, was a widower who worked as a Chinese physician. His wife died the previous year (1995) after a car accident. Yong Gong also had a naughty and greedy son, Jae-hong. Yong Gong eventually fell in love with Hee-won, who doted on his son. They first met after Hee-won brought Jae-hung into her pharmacy as he ran, fell, and injured himself when he was following Hee-won doing exercises.

On the other hand, In-pyo, fells in love with a kindergarten teacher, who happened to be the teacher of the children of Hyun-jun and Yong Gong. They first met outside a fashion shop. In-pyo first attracted her attention by splashing a puddle of dirty water with his car onto her pants. They later met again while meeting Jee-yeong, and again at the kindergarten where his niece Shin-shin and Jae-hung are students. At the kindergarten, In-pyo tried to attract her attention by criticising her attitude and dress as a teacher from what he saw the previous day, in front of her colleagues. Han In-pyo felt jubilant after that, but the children protested by highlighting their risk of being transferred out to another school. The kids told their fathers of Han In-pyo's conduct at the kindergarten, both of whom demanded him to apologise to the teacher.

In-pyo apologised to the teacher the following day. Hee-ju disguised herself as another individual when In-pyo came in, who presented an apple. Shortly after In-pyo left the Kindergarten, Hee-ju followed suit and proceeded to her car, where her chauffeur, Mr Wang, was waiting for her. Hee-ju requested to drive towards Renpiao short of crashing into him. Hee-ju lowered her spectacles and apologised after doing so. As Wang drove off, a jubilant Hee-ju gave a bite on the apple In-pyo gave. In-pyo himself was smiling as well. He subsequently frequently visited the kindergarten, even during lesson time, and spent time eating and shopping with Hee-ju.

Episode 9-18

As time progressed, the three men's affairs with women also progressed, but complications arose as Yong-min tried to balance his relations between Hee-min and Se-yung. This happened when Hee-min had just returned from America to Korea, and frequented the university Choi was teaching in and his house. In-pyo also had a hard time getting approval from Hee-ju's father and elder brother for their relationship.

However, after deliberations and persuasion by his son, he approved at episode 17, on condition that In-pyo would agree to change his course of study to a new course that could assist his company. Hee-ju's father also warned In-pyo that he would only allow the couple to marry after three years, and they would have to break up if his behaviour changed for the worse.

After sending Hee-min to America with the termination of their relations and Se-yung shaking off her relationship with her boss, Gang, Hyun-jun eventually reconciled with his ex-wife Se-yong after a separation of many years. Se-yong is working in a film production company, under Gang, to create the film Salut D'Amour.

Yong-Gong got to marry the pharmacist who lived with his entire family and Hyun-jun's brother-in-law eventually went abroad to America to study, as a promise to marry Hee-ju if both of them excel academically.

Se-yung and Hyun-jun confessed their feelings towards each other after Hyun-jun broke up with Hee-min, who had already returned to America to further her studies for another three years. At this time, Yong Gong married the pharmacist, Hee-won after dating indirectly for sometime as well as pressure applied by his son. Yong Gong had confessed his love to Hee-won in episode 17 at her pharmacy shortly after she wound up for the day. That was the same time Hee-won was introduced to a new boyfriend through her father.

The duo later met again at the KBS radio station where Choi worked. The duo then hugged each other after confessing their needs to each other.

Source: Wikipedia.org


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